‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Confirm Nina’s Next Move As Her Wedding Progresses

James Patrick Stuart and Cynthia Watros play Valentin and Nina on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

Monday’s episode of General Hospital is shaping up to be a wild one and new spoilers reveal some tantalizing tidbits regarding what viewers can expect to see. Nina paused during her wedding to Valentin as she tried to decide whether to exchange vows or reveal what she knows about him. Right at that moment, Nikolas burst into the room as he carried a wet Ava. Where will this all head next?

The new edition of Soap Opera Digest shares some General Hospital spoilers about the chaos ahead. Soon after Nik’s surprise arrival, Valentin will realize that Nina has figured out that he hired Sasha and faked the DNA tests showing that she was Nina’s daughter.

“She’s reached her breaking point. With Valentin, it’s been so serious and kind of dark for a while,” notes actress Cynthia Watros, who plays Nina.

Of course, Nikolas interrupting the wedding is a big shock to almost everybody there and it is not good news for Valentin. Now Valentin knows why that codicil to his father’s will has been such a hot topic of late and he doesn’t need anybody to tell him that he faces a very real chance of losing everything now.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that the combination of Nikolas’ appearance and Nina’s bombshell will rattle even the typically stoic Valentin.

Nikolas showing up with Ava quickly dominates the event and Valentin rapidly picks up on how inter-connected some of this is.

“Then Valentin says to Nina, ‘So, I see that you’re not very surprised,’ and Nina says, ‘I’m not.’ That’s when it comes out that Nina knows he was behind everything that happened with Sasha,” Watros explains.

“She loves this man, but sometimes, love isn’t enough. And right now, love isn’t enough for Nina and Valentin,” the General Hospital actress continues.

Valentin will clearly be in a difficult spot at this juncture, but fans know better than to count him out entirely. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that in the episodes ahead, Peter will be pulled into this in some way, and there will be plenty of questions about Nikolas’ sudden return.

Not only will Nik’s presence generate a lot of questions and drama for Valentin, Laura, and Lulu, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that his return will also have an impact on Elizabeth and Franco in some way too. Monday’s episode will be jam-packed with Cassadine drama and fans will be anxious to see how this plays out over the coming weeks.