Reality Steve Details Chaos In Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Premiere, Teases It’s ‘One Hell Of A Season Already’

John FleenorABC

Spoiler king Reality Steve is dishing out new details about Peter Weber’s run as The Bachelor, and it seems even he is surprised by some of what he is seeing. The blogger has already shared a lot of scoop about what went down during filming, but now he’s watching the premiere set to air on ABC on Monday night, and he says it’s jam-packed.

Friday night, Reality Steve shared a few thoughts via his Twitter page. He promised he would break The Bachelor spoilers from the premiere down into more detail in subsequent posts, but just the tidbits he initially shared are enough to generate a fair amount of buzz.

In his Friday tweets, Reality Steve teased that Peter’s mom, Barbara, is talking about stuff that will garner attention, Peter asks Hannah Brown something jaw-dropping, and host Chris Harrison is talking about something nutty. His The Bachelor spoilers even teased that the show has somehow become the old and chaotic series Lost.

The Bachelor spoilers have already detailed that The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is involved in Monday’s premiere. In interviews leading up to this premiere, Peter has talked quite a bit about how he thought he was over Hannah, but once she appeared, he wasn’t so sure.

Reality Steve acknowledged that fans will have a lot of questions after Monday’s show, more than he envisioned, it seems. He also revealed that Hannah’s appearance will shake things up more than he anticipated, and he confirmed that viewers will be left hanging at the end of the show.

“No, Hannah Brown is not a contestant on Peter’s season. But her appearances are more important, and more emotional, than I or probably anyone else ever believed it was going to be. Was not expecting that,” Reality Steve detailed.

Recent The Bachelor spoilers from the blogger have pinpointed some major unknowns about how Peter’s season ends. Peter himself insists that nobody will find out the ending, and a number of fans are starting to speculate that Hannah might figure into this somehow.

“It’s gettin’ weird folks. Buckle up,” Reality Steve teased after watching The Bachelor premiere.

The spoiler guru even said he’s dreading Monday. He explained that he knows fans will freak out within the first few minutes of The Bachelor premiere given what goes down right at the beginning of Peter’s journey.

“And you’re gonna ask me 1000 questions I don’t have answers to. Yet. Oh boy. This is one hell of a season already,” Reality Steve teased, and The Bachelor fans cannot wait to get started.