Joy-Anna Duggar Reveals Her Son Gideon's Excitement Over Seeing His Daddy

Joy-Anna Duggar seems to be living her best life with her husband, Austin Forsyth, and their soon-to-be 2-year-old son, Gideon. They just moved into a new house right before Christmas, and she has been sharing a little more on social media since then. Her recent post is that of a sweet father-son moment between her two guys that has melted the hearts of Duggar fans.

The young mother took to their Instagram account on Friday to share a short video clip that reveals just how much Gideon loves his daddy. It looks like the little guy may have been playing with his toy truck right before Austin walks in the door. The camera is pointed at the Duggar grandson as he appears to stop what he is doing and stares straight ahead. He has a look of anticipation on his face.

He waits for a few seconds, then he gets a big smile on his face when he sees who it is walking through the door of their new house. You can also hear Joy-Anna in the background saying, "Yay!" That's when Gideon expresses his complete joy and excitement of seeing his dad come home from work.

Gideon, wearing a gray shirt and blue pants, was so thrilled that he almost toppled over at the sight of his dad. His hands go up to his mouth as he giggles with excitement. Austin can be heard telling his son to come give him a hug. The blond-haired cutie then runs at full speed into Austin's arms. Joy pans the camera over to them as they embrace. However, Gideon's attention quickly switches from all the mushy stuff to his daddy's keys.

Joy-Anna Duggar called it her "favorite part of their day."

Her 950,000 Instagram followers totally agreed as they enjoyed the moment as well. There were many comments saying just how much they loved watching the video clip.

"Love this so much! He's so excited he can't even look for a second," one fan said.

"Oh my!! If this isn't the sweetest thing I've ever seen," another follower mentioned.

The Forsyths have been settling into their new house that they have somewhat renovated. They even had a few houseguests over recently. Last month, The Inquisitr detailed that Joy-Anna brought a few of her younger sisters over to the homestead for an overnight stay watching old reruns of I Love Lucy and munching on a few snacks. Gideon was especially excited to have some company as well.