Iggy Azalea Cozies Up To A Koala While Helping Her Native Australia As Fires Continue To Burn Out Of Control

On a Friday Instagram post, Iggy Azalea got tight with a cute koala bear. She did so while explaining that 30 percent of their “natural habitat” in New South Wales has been destroyed by the Australian brushfires currently blazing across the country down under.

The legendary rapper has been doing her part in getting the word out about what is happening in her native land. The reality is horrific.

Sadly, the “apocalyptic” fires have wiped out “half a billion animals, including 8,000 koalas,” stated Cosmopolitan.

“Koalas are uniquely at risk during these kind of bushfires. While kangaroos and other native Australian animals can move quickly and escape more easily, koalas are slower. Because of this, they are dying en masse.”

The nation is currently in the midst of fighting the worst fires in Australian history. Although this problem has been ongoing since last fall, the situation will likely worsen as the weekend wears on due to the strong winds that are expected.

In the Cosmopolitan story about how to help the animals and people affected, the source mentions that many outlets — such as the Australian Red Cross and the St. Vincent de Paul Society Australia — are organizations accepting donations.

Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, the outpost at which Iggy spent time touring the facility, has also called for financial help by setting up a GoFundMe page for that purpose. The organization is doing important work, rehabilitating countless injured animals,

Iggy’s post about the dire situation for koalas and every other living thing in Australia received plenty of attention two hours of going live on the platform.

Among her 13.3 million followers, more than 190,000 people pressed the “like” button, while a bounty of others commented on the update.

Some talked about what is happening in their area of Australia, while others praised Iggy for her work in helping to remedy the situation.

“Thank you for your help. It’s so scary in Aus right now. I’m in Tasmania and when we hit 40 degrees a few days ago I… stared at the sky all day watching the smoke and the burned leaves blowing over,” stated one follower, who added a red heart emoji.

“Kind and humble as always,” said a second admirer, who added a double pink heart emoji.

“Thank you so much for spreading awareness legend,” remarked a third follower, who added a vibrating heart emoji.

To learn more news about the fires that have been ripping through Australia, click here.

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