‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber Confesses ‘A Little Bit Of Me Was Hoping’ Hannah Brown Would Join His Season

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Peter Weber is doing a lot of press right now to promote the upcoming premiere of his season of The Bachelor and he is sharing some carefully-worded spoilers in his interviews. ABC has teased that The Bachelorette Hannah Brown will be showing up to surprise Peter — and he just made a rather juicy confession about that situation.

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Hannah will show up during the first night of Peter’s journey as well as in connection with a group date that will be incorporated into the January 6 premiere. Peter has said he was completely surprised by Hannah’s arrival and he admitted that seeing her made him question whether he was fully over her.

In talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Peter added a few interesting tidbits to the discussion about Hannah. He reiterated that it was a jaw-dropper for him when she stepped out of the limousine. He also noted it took him a few seconds to realize it was her.

Peter said he didn’t ask for or expect Hannah to show up as he filmed The Bachelor. However, it sounds as if at least part of him was glad to see her and he admitted that he wasn’t exactly upset to see her step out of the limousine that first night.

“A little bit of me was hoping she was going to try to come back to the house, or ask if she could join that first night and just see where it goes — if I’m being completely honest,” Peter confessed.

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Gratitude. The feeling that has consumed me all season and especially now at the end of this journey. Thank you Hannah for the opportunity to pursue your heart. You will always have a little bit of mine after the time we were able to spend together. Thank you to my brothers from the house. I know we all learned a lot about ourselves during this experience and I’m so happy I was able to make these memories with you guys. Thank you to @bacheloretteabc for giving this hopeless romantic a once in a lifetime experience I will never forget. Thank you to my amazing family for always having my back, I think everyone understands where my emotions come from now. Thank you to my friends for giving me more windmill jokes than I know what to do with. And thank you Bachelor Nation. I have felt your love and support since night one and I couldn’t be more thankful. Everyone on this planet deserves that ‘indescribable, words won’t do it justice, make your heart skip a beat’ type of love. Never stop until you find it ❤️

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“I thought that I was pretty much completely over her… I really did think that I was doing good. Some time had passed, obviously not that much, but I had a really good support system,” Peter said, detailing his thinking after The Bachelorette and heading into filming The Bachelor.

“I tried my best to close that book and just leave that in the past… Feelings obviously came back. But I guess the short answer is that I thought I was over her at that point,” he explained.

Naturally, Peter could not say much about exactly what happened when Hannah showed up during his run as The Bachelor. Spoilers have suggested that she is not involved in the rest of the filming of his season.

However, there is quite a bit of mystery swirling about where things stand for Peter now. In fact, some fans are speculating that perhaps this mystery is because Hannah remains connected or involved in some way with how The Bachelor ends in this upcoming season.

For now, fans will have to hang tight and see if firm spoilers emerge about whether Hannah’s return impacts the ending of Peter’s season. Everybody will get to see those sparks fly between the two during the premiere airing on Monday, January 6, and fans seem to be quite anxious to find out just what goes down as Peter looks for love this winter.