Hoda Kotb Gives Her Take On Al Roker’s Parenting

Today Show host Hoda Kotb sat down with Al Roker on Thursday to discuss Wednesday’s Rose Parade festivities which they both covered. However, the conversation first turned to the topic of parenting, and Kotb revealed how much she admires how close Roker is with his kids. She recalled one sweet moment she witnessed of the weatherman and his 17-year-old son Nick, according to Today.

Kotb, who has two young adoptive daughters, is striking to have a close relationship with her children someday, much in the way that Roker has with his. Her heart was touched watching Nick lay his head upon his father’s shoulder.

“Watching Nick rest his head on your shoulder may be one of the most beautiful sights that I have ever seen,” she told Roker.

Roker went on to praise his son, who he has previously revealed has special needs and is on the autism spectrum.

“The thing I love about him, that I admire about him, is that he just kind of attacks it head-on. He’s very goal-oriented, and he’s a great kid,” he said of Nick.

Kotb went on to say that she and her soon-to-be husband, Joel Schiffman, really admire Nick and the way that Al and his wife, Deborah Roberts, have raised him despite the challenges that they may have faced.

“Joel and I often talk about you and your son because he’s an incredible kid. We’ve watched him grow over the years. He has an issue that he deals with, and you guys have figured (it) out.”


Kotb was particularly inspired by the patience Roker has when interacting with his son. The popular meteorologist admits this is something he struggles with, particularly with Nick. But patience is a virtue he wants to continue to work towards in the new year.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Roker has three children in total, including two daughters, with Nick being his youngest. He has a particularly close bond with his son, whom he often documents the special bonding time the pair share together with his 562,000 Instagram followers.

Most recently, he shared photos of him and Nick treating themselves to a relaxing father-son manicure-pedicure session at a New York spa. In the touching photos, the pair can be seen smiling broadly, each of them flashing a thumbs-up sign. Instagram users praised Roker for not being embarrassed to show that men can enjoy mani-pedis too. In addition to mani-pedi sessions, the Rokers also have a tradition of cutting down their Christmas tree every year.