‘The Witcher’ Has An Unexpected Link To ‘Game Of Thrones’

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Netflix’s The Witcher as well as HBO’s Game of Thrones. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed both series and wish to avoid potential spoilers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Netflix’s The Witcher was already being compared to HBO’s Game of Thrones, even before Season 1 dropped. Many early reviews of The Witcher by critics were pointing out how spectacular the fight scenes were and how they compared to Game of Thrones. Incidentally, there might be a reason for that since the same choreographer worked on both fantasy series.

As Comic Book points out, Vladimir Furdik is the choreographer for The Witcher. However, prior to this gig, he worked on Game of Thrones. Not only was he a choreographer for fight scenes on that epic fantasy series, but many fans will remember him for his portrayal as the Night King in Seasons 6, 7, and 8.

For many fans of Netflix’s latest epic fantasy series, news of Furdik’s involvement only came after he posted an image of himself on set with Witcher actor Anya Chalotra, who plays the main character Yennefer. The image shows a bloody Yennefer as she smiles at the camera alongside Furdik.

At first, viewers who recognized Furdik for his role as the Night King and not for his behind-the-scenes work asked what character he was playing in The Witcher. However, it soon became apparent that he was on set for his other TV gig, that of choreography and stunt coordinator.

Furdik was “responsible for nearly every fight” in Season 1 of The Witcher, according to Comic Book. The exception being the fight scene at Blaviken, of which Wolfgang Stegemann coordinated.

For fans who are super excited to see Furdik in charge of the fight scenes in Season 1, the news is not great regarding Season 2, unfortunately. While not officially confirmed by Netflix, Furdik has previously commented in passing on Instagram that he will not be on board for Season 2 of The Witcher, which is expected to start filming in February. However, it is possible that Stegemann will come on board in a more permanent role in the upcoming season so, at least fans can be confident if this is the case.

Season 1 of The Witcher is currently streaming globally on Netflix. Season 2 has been confirmed by the network but no premiere date has been announced yet. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there are also rumors that Netflix is close to confirming a third season of the epic fantasy show.

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