‘God of War’ Saga Free From GameStop With ‘God of War: Ascension’ Purchase

God of War Saga

God of War fans can now get the entire series with just one purchase from GameStop. The retail game store is actually offering up the God of War saga as long as you first purchase God of War: Ascension. The saga includes the first three titles in the series on one disc and the ability to download God of War: Chains of OlympusandGod of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PS3.

This means that anyone who maybe hasn’t jumped into the series, or really have shown any interest in the game before you got a ton of news about Ascension then this would be the deal for you. You can jump into the series at the very beginning (assuming you have a Playstation 3) of this epic saga without having to spend what would be around $300 if you bought the games separately.

Not surprisingly, this particular deal isn’t going to be offered up for very long. GameStop is marking the sale as ending after March 24, which gives you roughly three days to cash in on this deal.

God of War gamers will be able to take on the entire story in one fell swoop now. From the very first title all the way to Ascension, which is actually a prequel story. In Ascension, the story picks up before the events of the first God of War game but after Ares has tricked Kratos into killing his family.

After breaking his oath to Ares, Kratos has to battle his way out of a hellish prison and work to extract his vengeance. Gamers can take on the entire saga by themselves and then jump into the first multi-player experience with this title.

Are you going to go out and get yourself the God of War saga deal that GameStop is offering up?