Reality Steve's 'Bachelor' Spoilers Detail The Knowns & Unknowns Of Peter Weber's Finale

Peter Weber's run as ABC's The Bachelor premieres in just a few days, and spoiler king Reality Steve says that he does not have the scoop on the final rose recipient. For the first time in quite some time, he says he likely will not have concrete answers before the premiere. However, he says there seems to be a reason why this time around is playing out differently than prior endings.

Recently, Peter himself teased that his ending wouldn't leak and that there was a reason for it. He also said that he thought everybody would enjoy watching the first unspoiled Bachelor season in a while. Now, Reality Steve is breaking down what he does know in his new blog post and podcast.

Reality Steve has previously shared the names of Peter's final two ladies, and he said that he had learned this would not play out with a traditional ending. Now, he is sharing some additional Bachelor spoilers.

Peter said in this recent interview that he "couldn't be happier" with how things turned out in his season, which would certainly seem to signal that he is still with somebody. However, Reality Steve says in his latest spoilers that Peter did not get engaged at the final rose ceremony.

Of all of the most likely ending possibilities, the scenario that probably seems to fit best here is that Peter didn't feel ready to get engaged at the final rose ceremony, but that he chose one lady and wanted to continue the relationship without an engagement. It is also possible that he pulled a Charlie O'Connell and said he wanted to continue dating both ladies, but it sounds like Reality Steve is leaning toward the former scenario.

There may not be an engagement at the final rose ceremony, but Reality Steve points out that there could be an engagement before or during the "After the Final Rose" segment of the finale.

The blogger says that he has also learned that Madison Prewett's father did not give Peter his blessing for an engagement. While it's not confirmed, it seems that this may have factored into what happened at the final rose ceremony.

It could be that Peter chose Madi but didn't want to propose until her father felt comfortable enough with the relationship to give his blessing. The relationship may be going well, with an engagement potentially on the horizon. However, Reality Steve makes it clear he doesn't know for certain this is the case.

For now, that may be as much as spoiler fans get regarding how Peter's final rose ceremony goes. Reality Steve isn't done digging for information, but it does sound likely that the reason Peter is confident his ending won't leak is because his journey isn't entirely complete yet.

ABC's The Bachelor 2020 season debuts on Monday, January 6, and Peter will likely continue to tease fans about what lies ahead. Spoilers suggest that this will be a wild season, and Reality Steve will share more when and if he is able to confirm additional details.