Miley Cyrus’ Engagement Ring Back On Star’s Finger After Rumors Of Split

Miley Cyrus’ ring has reappeared on the finger of the actress, two weeks after the 20-year-old was spotted without her engagement rock.

Rumors of a split between Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth circulated earlier this month after paparazzi shots showed a ringless Miley out and about in L.A. Immediately, gossip blogs and magazines were inundated with “sources” claiming Cyrus and Hemsworth were history.

The truth is rather blander: A weary-sounding Cyrus later revealed on Twitter her ring was being fixed, and that her marriage was still on.

The two pictures above seem to confirm we’ll be subjected to a Miley-and-Liam TV wedding special and magazine deal at some point in the future. The images, shared by the actress and pop star with her 11 million Twitter followers, show the star having a “onezie party (of one).” Her chunky 3.5 carat Neil Lane engagement ring is visible in both shots.

Cyrus reacted with irritation earlier this month after media reports suggested her relationship with Hemsworth had ended. Taking to Twitter (full tweet below), the former Hannah Montana star huffed, “I didn’t call off my wedding. Taking a break from social media. #draining”

Cyrus’ self-imposed Twitter exile had ended within 48 hours of that promise – sorry, threat – when she materialized again with self-effacing statements such as, “The hype around my record is so crazyyyyy” (and more recently, “I can’t sleep. Got my record on repeat.”)

The relationship between Cyrus and Hemsworth has proven rocky at times. The pair, who have dated since meeting on the set of The Last Song, split up twice in 2010. For now, however, they’re still very much engaged.