Derick Dillard’s Recent Controversial Comments Causes Division Among Duggar Fans

Derick Dillard seems to be opening up a whole new can of worms with his recent comments regarding TLC and his father-in-law, Jim Bob Duggar. Over the past few weeks, the former reality star has taken to social media to answer questions from fans about the network that he had previously blasted and his supposed feud with the Duggar family patriarch. His recent post has brought even more controversy to the table and also has his followers seemingly taking sides.

Dillard posted a photo of him alongside Jill Duggar and their two boys, Israel and Samuel, as he wished everyone a merry Christmas last week. He stated that the four of them had their own get-together with some friends. It was obvious that they had chosen not to partake in the Duggar clan’s huge gathering at the big house with the rest of Jill’s family. That sparked plenty of comments from Counting On fans asking why they weren’t there. The dad of two then shocked them by revealing that he and Jill are not allowed to be at the house without Jim Bob’s permission, as In Touch Weekly reported.

That certainly wasn’t the end of the revelations from Derick Dillard. He has spent the last week off and on answering other questions and comments. He has since said that Jim Bob Duggar is the only one with a contract, which means that he is the keeper of all the money made from TLC, and he also mentioned that they were “pressured” to stay on the show without being paid. The comments from fans have since been going back and forth arguing on who is to blame and whether Derick is right in speaking up about it on social media.

His comments regarding TLC and Jim Bob have caused much division in the Duggar world. Many fans, and also those who oppose the family, have been encouraging Dillard to keep talking. Others are proud of him for defending his wife after he called her an “abuse victim.”

“You’re doing the right thing and it’s good of you to speak up. Jill deserves a happy and healthy life,” one Instagram follower said.

However, there are other fans who are appalled by him speaking out so boldly about the rift between them. Those that are opposed to the conversation on social media are calling for Derick Dillard to stop talking about it because his words are creating more of a divide with Jill and her family.

It looks like the whole conversation is causing plenty of ruckus. The other members of the family have stayed silent on the issue. The law school student has recently hinted that he is planning on writing some type of tell-all book, and many people are totally up for that and encouraging him to do so quickly. Others are seemingly taking Jim Bob and Michelle’s side in all of this, saying that there may be two sides to this story as well.

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