Jinger And Jessa Duggar’s Daughters Are Twinning With Bear Ears In Cute Photo

Jessa visited Jinger in Los Angeles.

Jessa Duggar takes a selfie with her sister Jinger.
Jessa Seewald / Instagram

Jessa visited Jinger in Los Angeles.

Jessa Duggar visited her younger sister Jinger over the holidays, which meant that their lookalike daughters got to spend some time together.

On Monday, Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, took to Instagram to share a sweet snapshot of the family reunion. He revealed that Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, recently spent a few days in Los Angeles. During one of their group outings, the two couples posed for a photo with their adorable daughters. Jinger and Jeremy’s 1-year-old, Felicity, was pictured rocking a pink fleece hoodie with little bear ears on the hood.

From the waist down, Felicity matched her mother; she and Jinger were both wearing black skinny jeans and black boots. However, her cozy top was more similar to the hooded sweater that her 7-month-old cousin, Ivy Jane, was sporting. Ivy’s button-up top also had tiny bear ears on the hood, but her sweater was cream-colored instead of pink. It also wasn’t quite as fluffy as Felicity’s bulky outerwear. The soft booties on Ivy’s feet matched her sweater. She completed her warm ensemble with a pair of dark tan jersey pants that featured a large white polka dot print. Ivy’s pants almost matched the color of her mother’s stylish suede jacket.

Felicity and Ivy were both being held by their mothers, who stood next to one another. The cute cousins’ dads book-ended the picture. All four adults were smiling, but Felicity and Ivy were not. Instead, they were both staring intently at something off to the side of the cameraman.

Fans have remarked on how similar Ivy and Felicity look before, and Jeremy’s photo had many of his followers suggesting that the little girls look more like sisters than cousins.

“The babies look like sisters too! Beautiful families!” wrote one fan.

“Twin cousins,” read another response to Jeremy’s photo.

“Felicity and ivy jane look like they could be sisters omg,” a third admirer remarked.

There were a number of comments about how Felicity and Ivy will likely end up being best friends, just like their mothers. A few fans also suggested that Jessa and Ben should make it easier for the girls to spend time together by moving to Los Angeles. This would create the potential for a Counting On spinoff series.

“Would be nice if @jessaseewald and family movers down to LA too…. ‘Duggers take LA,'” read one response to the family photo.

Unfortunately for the fans who would love for this to happen, Jessa has said that she has no interest in living in Los Angeles. However, as reported by Us Weekly, her husband did say that he “wouldn’t mind living in the city” during a Counting On episode centered on Jinger and Jeremy’s big move to California.