Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Hint That The Baby Swap Secret May Implode Due To Sonny’s Curiosity

Maurice Benard stars as Sonny Corinthos on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / Walt Disney Television

Monday’s episode of General Hospital contained an interesting development, and spoilers suggest that this could turn into something big soon. Viewers are quite anxious to see the truth about Wiley being Jonah revealed, and now, it appears that Sonny may be integral to this happening.

A recent sneak peek teased that the baby swap would be revealed in 2020. While that doesn’t pin down much in terms of a timeframe, General Hospital spoilers hint that this won’t take too much longer to finally happen. In fact, the upcoming February sweeps period begins on January 30, so it looks like February might bring baby swap bombshells at last.

During Monday’s show, Sonny’s warehouse security guy followed Carly to see what she was doing and hiding. When the guy returned to the Corinthos compound, he shared a bit about Carly’s meeting with Jax. However, he also revealed some tidbits from a conversation he overheard between Julian and Brad.

Brad and Julian are quite agitated with one another these days over the Wiley situation. Both men feel responsible for Lucas’ condition and they both know the truth that Wiley is really Michael and Nelle’s son Jonah. The conversation the two had during Monday’s show was heated, but neither man explicitly verbalized exactly what they are hiding.

Sonny’s guy couldn’t understand exactly what Julian and Brad were arguing about, but he was able to relay enough to pique his curiosity. Sonny was quite interested to hear that they were talking about Michael and Nelle, but there is no reason he would connect the dots based on that one conversation.

Julian warned Brad to stay away from Nelle, and this, apparently, will stay on Sonny’s mind. He doesn’t know why Julian would care about Brad remaining connected to Nelle, but the spoilers tease that he won’t be able to let this go.

Much of this week appears to focus on the drama with Nina, Valentin, and their wedding. However, General Hospital spoilers for the new year indicate that Sonny will soon confront Julian and start asking questions. According to SheKnows Soaps, this confrontation will come during the episode airing on Thursday, January 9.

Sonny will probably be fishing for information when he confronts Julian, and Julian surely will be careful with his words. Both Julian and Brad know that Sonny’s wrath will be intense if he finds out they’ve kept the truth about Jonah hidden. General Hospital spoilers signal that Sonny probably won’t learn much from this conversation, but it sounds as if it’ll leave Julian rattled nonetheless.

Not only will Sonny be digging around to figure out why Julian and Brad were talking about Michael and Nelle, but the latest spoilers for General Hospital have revealed that Nelle will soon be released from Pentonville. The show promises that the truth about Wiley will finally emerge in the coming weeks and that it will send major shockwaves throughout Port Charles.

Will Sonny piece all of this together before anybody else exposes the truth? What will Nelle do when she’s released from Pentonville? Will Lucas wake up and will he remember Brad’s confession? General Hospital spoilers hint that major payoffs with this storyline are coming soon, and fans are anxious to see it all play out.