Gigi Hadid Sparks Romance Rumors With Ex Zayn Malik After Using ‘Family Recipe’

Gigi Hadid shared on Instagram stories on Sunday that she was cooking a special dish that was originally made by her ex Zayn Malik’s mom, Trisha Malik.

According to E! News, the model’s recorded cooking session, which featured a chicken curry pasta salad recipe from Zayn’s mom, made her 51.1 million followers curious and seemingly convinced that the former lovers have gotten back together.

The 24-year-old model placed a caption on the photo saying she is about to marinate the chicken with one of her favorite recipes, tagging Zayn’s mom on the snap. The model also stated that the recipe is private and that maybe Zayn’s mom will share it with everyone one day.

In response to Gigi’s posts, Trisha reposted a short clip of two Gigis, with one asking, “What is your favorite restaurant in the world?”

The other Gigi responded, “My boyfriend’s mom’s house.”

Trisha also shared a step-by-step guide on how to cook the famous chicken curry pasta salad in her Instagram stories, likely because fans were overly curious to try Gigi’s fave dish.

The couple broke up in March 2018. However, Gigi and Zayn have kept fans guessing on their current relationship status ever since. As reported by the same publication, the former lovers were spotted kissing in New York City just a month after they publicly announced they split.

It was also revealed that the supermodel and the singer were taking another chance with their relationship in June 2018. Then came 2019 when it was reported that the couple was officially over and that they had been spending time apart since November 2018.

Further reports revealed that Zayn and Gigi were very busy and focused on their careers, hence the two needed time apart. Although, it was revealed that the two remained cordial and that they checked up on each other whenever they could.

It is also important to note that Gigi was formerly involved with fellow model Tyler Cameron, but the two did not work out and broke up in October. After the split, Gigi and Zayn were reportedly communicating again on a “casual” basis, as reported by Mirror.

There have reportedly been times when two have taken time apart and were not speaking to each other at all. However, all is well for the former couple now, and they are purportedly supportive of each other.

It seems like the former lovers are still in each other’s lives even after a year from their breakup. Zayn’s mom Trisha seems supportive of their relationship, or maybe she is just fond of the supermodel and have remained friends ever since.

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