AEW News: Former WWE Superstar Praises Company, Reveals That He’s A ‘Free Agent’

Former WWE star Austin Aries recently took to Twitter and revealed that he wants to have a match with Cody Rhodes, while also taking time to praise All Elite Wrestling, the company that his dream opponent co-founded earlier this year.

Aries, who currently competes for Major League Wrestling, was responding to a follower who stated that he wants to see a match between the pair. Aries was in full agreement with the Twitter user.

“I’ll second this. And luckily I’m still a free agent. @CodyRhodes is one of a handful of men I’d love to compete against. And I’ve been digging what @AEWrestling has been doing so far, it’s like watching a new age NWA Crockett years mashed up with the best of WCW years.”

While Aries may just have been praising Rhodes and AEW, his “free agent” comment suggests that he’s interested in signing with the company. Only time will tell if Aries joins the upstart promotion and receives his dream match, but at the time of this writing, Rhodes has yet to respond to the idea.

This isn’t the first time Aries has suggested that he wants to join AEW, either. As The Inquisitr reported back in October, he tweeted his support of the company in the lead up to the first episode of Dynamite. This fueled speculation that he was making his availability known.

Aries is a seasoned veteran with a lot of success under his belt. He is arguably best known to mainstream wrestling fans for his stint in WWE, which ended in 2017, but most of his notable success came in companies like Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

Most wrestling fans would agree that he’d be a useful addition to the AEW roster, though company officials have claimed time and time again that they aren’t interested in filling up more spaces unless it makes sense. Furthermore, the company appears to be focusing on elevating new talent.

Aries also has a reputation of being difficult to work with at times. As noted by Wrestling Inc, he left WWE due to being unhappy with his booking. The superstar felt that he deserved better at the time, as he was only being used in the Cruiserweight division.

He also walked out of Impact Wrestling last year following the Bound for Glory pay-per-view, after dropping the company’s main title to Johnny Impact. However, the match was shrouded in controversy as Aries no-sold the finish, though some pundits believe that it was work that only he and a few other insiders knew about.

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