WWE News: Championship Randomly Retired And Unretired In Less Than 24 Hours

WWE doesn't usually retire a title that is being defended all the time.

R-Truth makes a phone call while holding the 24/7 Championship.

WWE doesn't usually retire a title that is being defended all the time.

There are a number of titles in WWE, many of which have been retired over the years, but one was randomly put on the shelf this weekend for less than 24 hours. Earlier this year, the WWE 24/7 Championship was introduced and it has already changed hands more than most other belts around for decades. In a strange bit of movement, the new title was actually retired for a few hours this weekend before being reinstated without explanation.

Anyone who has watched WWE television over the course of the last year knows that R-Truth has been a staple in the 24/7 division. He has won the title numerous times and really brought a big name to the championship which has been captured by many others too.

On Saturday, word started flying around social media that the WWE 24/7 Championship was actually being retired by the promotion. When questions started being raised about the validity of that information, some started sharing images from WWE’s website that showed the belt being retired.

The official website of WWE actually had the 24/7 Title marked as “retired” on Saturday and it confused a lot of people. Many fans didn’t know what to think of this information as the title changed hands three times alone at Madison Square Garden late this week which means it is still being defended.

Does @wwe.com know something we don't know? #retired pic.twitter.com/UZI1jXtTz8

— Vacant ???? (@WWEVacant) December 29, 2019

As reported by Wrestling Inc., the issue on WWE’s website has now been rectified and the 24/7 Championship is no longer considered “retired.” It’s a rather strange mistake and one that really had no reason to be made as it seems as if that would be a purposeful move by anyone.

It is being called a mistake on different social media platforms, but no-one actually knows what happened. WWE has not released a statement regarding the title being retired or reinstated or anything like that. They’ve simply kept up-to-date with the history of the title and who has won it from who and when.

The WWE 24/7 Championship was introduced back in May by Mick Foley, and it is essentially the old-school WWF Hardcore Title. The belt can be won from the champion at any time and anywhere as long as there is a referee and a clear submission or pinfall.

Mick Foley introduces the new WWE 24/7 Championship.

Over the weekend, WWE announcer Mike Rome actually won the 24/7 Championship but lost it before he could even announce himself as the new titleholder. R-Truth eventually won the title back from The Singh Brothers and it has been confirmed that the belt is not retired and is very much active.