WWE News: Shawn Michaels Now In Charge Of Entire Company Brand, According To Triple H

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Triple H opened up about Shawn Michaels‘ role at the WWE Performance Center on the latest episode of the After the Bell podcast. However, according to “The Game,” his former D-Generation X tag team partner is overseeing an entire brand as well.

As quoted by SEScoops, Michaels is currently in charge of NXT UK, which has allowed “The Game” to focus on the main version of the black-and-gold brand now that it’s a permanent fixture on a mainstream television network.

“[A]s NXT was evolving to USA [Network] and picking up that pace it made me have to back out of some things. Shawn picked up the ball on [NXT] UK and basically that got pushed his way. He was such an integral part of it anyway that he just kind of latched on more to it. He’s been heading over there, what is it? Every five or six weeks we do television. He’s kind of heading over there and spearheading that. Sort of taking on the ownership of that brand totally in and of himself.”

“The Game” also shared some information about the other personnel that work behind the scenes for WWE’s British brand. One of those figures is PROGRESS Wrestling co-founder Jim Smallman, who will be leaving the independent promotion at the end of the year to join WWE — and NXT UK — on a full-time basis.

However, Triple H believes that Michaels has been key to NXT UK‘s success, and he stated that the brand has been “taking off” under Michaels’ reported leadership. With 2020 just around the corner, “HBK” and the rest of the team will be looking to steer the brand toward bigger and better things.

Michaels also appears to be very hands-on with the superstars of the British brand. During a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Eddie Dennis revealed that the roster frequently interacts with the Hall of Famer, with Dennis claiming that the legend is very easy to work with.

NXT UK is still a work in progress, having only been founded in 2018. Since then, the brand has put on some critically acclaimed shows, though some pundits have criticized its existence because they believe that WWE created it as a way of further monopolizing the wrestling industry.

However, with Michaels seemingly inheriting the brand, it’s clear that the company wants it to be a success, as he’s a creative mind who will be able to give it his undivided attention.

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