Meghan Markle’s Friend Slams ‘The Mail’ For Photoshopping The Duchess’ Face

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle‘s friend actress Janina Gavankar took to Twitter to slam The Mail, accusing the outlet of photoshopping the Sussex family Christmas card. Gavankar took the sweet photo, which showed baby Archie front and center with his parents sitting behind him, in front of a Christmas tree. The original photo is focused on the 7-month-old, who is looking into the camera with a curious face. However, there is a version of the photo that is floating around that shows Markle’s face also in focus. The alternate picture was uploaded by various media outlets.

It didn’t take long for the “fake” photo to go viral and Gavankar was quick to set the record straight.

“So proud to have taken the Christmas photo for one of my best friends and her family. Here’s the original that was sent out,” she tweeted, sharing the Sussex card. “…and to The Mail, I see your campaign against my friend continues. Nice photoshop of my non-photoshopped image. Now may we all get back to the spirit of Christmas and not the spirit of maliciousness,” she added in a subsequent tweet.

Many supportive fans commented on the thread, sending their Christmas wishes to the family of three. However, some people still believe that the pic was altered and said as much in the comments.

“It is still a photoshop however you try to spin it,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Exactly. And a poor quality one at that. Fess up or hush. Imo,” added another.

“It still has the same photoshopped sloppy problems as all the copies that were sent to media. It’s pathetic,” echoed a third.

Some commenters were on to point out the “flaws” in the Sussex Christmas card, which was originally posted on Twitter by the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. In the original shot (the one shared by Gavankar), some social media users noticed that Prince Harry’s shirt appeared to be covering part of Archie’s head. Additionally, some people pointed out that the carpet appears different on either side of the photograph.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not commented on their Christmas card. In fact, the royal couple chose not to post the photo on their Instagram account. Instead, they shared a simple Christmas message for their 9.9 million followers.

“Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas,” the post uploaded on December 25 read. Before Christmas, it was reported that the couple would take a trip to Canada for the holidays. According to Marie Claire, the couple has been “relaxing and hiking” on Vancouver Island.