Joe Gorga Pokes Fun At Rumors His Sister Teresa Giudice Is Dating The ‘Pool Man’

Joe Gorga is having a bit of fun when it comes to rumors that his sister, Teresa Giudice, is dating longtime family friend, Anthony Delorenzo. The Gorga family celebrated the holidays with Delorenzo, who made a few appearances on Joe’s Instagram story ahead of Christmas. Joe took videos with a couple of his friends and made sure to emphasize Anthony the “pool boy” whenever Delorenzo came into frame. Delorenzo laughed but was quick to correct Gorga, letting everyone know that he’s actually the “pool man.” The video was relatively short and was clearly meant to be playful, but it did nothing to throw anyone off the Teresa-Anthony-dating-trail.

Rumors that Giudice has been dating Delorenzo have been circulating for weeks and only picked up steam after news that Teresa and her husband, Joe Giudice, had decided to split. Not only has Teresa been seen flirting with Delorenzo in various social media videos, but she was also recently spotted cozying up to him earlier this month. Interestingly, Delorenzo has even made an appearance on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The rumors seemed to start then, after some fans noticed sparks between Giudice and Delorenzo on the show.

Joe Gorga may just be having some fun with the dating rumors, but many fans believe that there’s something more going on with Teresa and Anthony — especially because Gorga hasn’t really let off the gas and is pretty good friends with Delorenzo. In fact, in an earlier Instagram story, Gorga was hanging out at his house with his sister and Delorenzo. When Teresa said that she wanted a son, Gorga made a few jokes about her having a baby with Delorenzo. In the video, Teresa, who was laughing, kept telling her brother to stop.

Teresa didn’t spend Christmas with her brother — or Delorenzo, for that matter. She ate Christmas dinner with some of her family, including her father and some of her nephews. They enjoyed a meal at Il Mulino, a popular Italian restaurant in New York. Teresa’s four daughters, Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana, spent Christmas in Italy with their dad.

Meanwhile, Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa spent the day with Melissa’s family. Melissa shared some fun Secret Santa videos on her Instagram story last night.

No word on what Delorenzo may have done for Christmas, but fans can expect to see him on Gorga’s social media soon. Regardless of whether or not he and Teresa are dating, he’s been spending more time with the Gorgas lately and they all seem to have a great time when they are together.

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