A 5-Year-Old Girl Flipped Off The Entire Audience At Her Christmas Play, Kept The Gesture Going For 20 Minutes

A 5-year-old British girl spent much of her school's Christmas play flipping off the audience, with both hands even, Yahoo Lifestyle reports.

Christmas is the time of year when parents the world over -- Christian parents, anyway -- get to sit through their young kids' Christmas plays at church and/or school. Beaming with pride, parents sit in the audience while their little Josephs, Marys, donkeys, and angels do their darndest to get through it.

Sometimes the results are hilarious, such as when a kid would, quite visibly, rather be anywhere else. Other times, they tug at the heartstrings, like when a kid sings at the top of her lungs, above all of her peers. And sometimes, the results are downright cringe-worthy, in a case where a kid spends much of the play making a rude gesture at the audience.

That's exactly what happened to mom Carla Bovingdon from Essex. Her daughter, Ella, stole the show, albeit for all the wrong reasons. Dressed as an angel, the young lass was far from angelic, as she extended both middle fingers and showed them to the audience. She kept the gesture up for about 20 minutes of the half-hour performance.

"I was thinking, 'oh god, Ella please stop,'" Carla told The Independent.


As it turns out, Ella wasn't in a bad mood or showing off a naughty gesture she'd learned from a classmate. Rather, she'd suffered an injury, and she wanted to make sure her mother knew it. And here "injury" means "a hangnail." And she showed both fingers because the non-injured one was meant to serve as a control, so Mom could make the comparison.

"It was pretty much for the majority of it, she was there with her middle finger up. Because I didn't run over there she kept holding it up as if she was saying, 'Mum, look!'" Carla explains.

Fortunately, Ella's teachers saw the humor in it -- Carla writes that a couple of teaching assistants got a giggle out of the whole situation.


Carla says that her daughter doesn't have social media, naturally. But she (Carla) did explain to Ella that her angelic performance was the talk of the town, and that everyone thought it was funny. Carla says that Ella wanted to thank everyone for enjoying her bit, even though she doesn't fully understand the joke.

Complicating matters was the fact that a second performance of the play was scheduled, and Mom had to run interference to make sure Ella didn't put on a repeat performance of her rude hand signals, because "it wouldn't be as funny this time."