Anna Duggar Shares New Photo Of Her Kids Reading In Front Of Christmas Tree

Anna Duggar is now mom to six little ones. She and Josh Duggar just welcomed baby Maryella to their growing brood on November 27 and has since shared a handful of photos of the new baby girl. Now, a recent picture has emerged with all of her kids in one snapshot and fans can't get over how sweet they are.

The Instagram photo shows the Duggar children all dressed in their pajamas sitting in front of their Christmas tree with a book in hand. Mackynzie is the lucky one who gets to read to her siblings. They are sitting on a quilt on the floor engrossed in the story that she is reading to them. The oldest girl has on a red pajama top with blue bottoms with dogs on them. Sitting next to her on the right is Mason, 2, and Marcus, 6. On the other side of her is little sister Meredith, 4, and Michael, 8. The eldest is also wearing red pajamas.

Baby Maryella is being held by big brother Michael. Anna's Instagram followers are totally smitten by those two siblings in the photo. They can't get over how sweet it is.

"What a beautiful group! The first picture though, frame worthy and one they can look back on forever. So cute with older brother holding the littlest love," one fan said.

"Micheal holding maryella, how sweet. Your kids are beautiful Anna," another follower said.

There was one other person who pointed out that Josh and Anna Duggar have three boys and three girls, just like The Brady Bunch. Most agreed that the pictures were heart-melting.

The 31-year-old reality star revealed that they have added another member to their family. They have a cute little black bunny named Daisy. The second snap shows the kids looking at the pictures in the book with Meredith holding the bunny in her lap. Anna said that the furry critter also seemed to be captivated by the book, which is about a bunny as well. The book is called Marlon Bundo's Best Christmas Ever, which comes from a series written by Charlotte Pence, the vice president's daughter. The kids seem to be enjoying it.

Anna Duggar found herself back on reality TV this season of TLC's Counting On. She was one of five girls in the family who were all pregnant at the same time. She was in on the maternity photo shoot with the others and was also in an earlier episode when Jana had her garden party.