Obama Unveils NCAA Bracket Picks [Video]

President Obama has filled out his NCAA March Madness bracket.

The commander in chief took a timeout from politics today to talk with ESPN about the upcoming tournament.

Obama filled his final four with two No. 1 seeds, in Indiana and Louisville, a No. 2 seed, with Ohio, and a No. 3 seed with Florida. The President predicts that Indiana and Louisville will advance to the championship game.

Obama said: “I know it’s not a surprise pick. But these are the two best teams right now.”

For the championship team, Obama went with Indiana. The President said that he thinks that the Big 10 was the best conference this year and it was that bias that led him to pick Indiana.

Obama said: For the championship. I’m going back to the Big 10. I think this is Indiana’s year.

The President has made it a tradition to release his NCAA bracket to the public and he has had some success in the past. Last year, two of his teams made it to the final four teams and in 2011 he picked 29 of the first 32 games correctly. He hasn’t picked the NCAA Champion, however, since 2009 when the the University of North Carolina won it all.

Here’s a video of President Obama and his NCAA bracket.

Here is the President’s full 2013 NCAA bracket.

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