Lizzo Praised For Performance Alongside Eddie Murphy On 'SNL'

This past Saturday night was a big one for new hit performer Lizzo, who appeared in a very special episode of Saturday Night Live. The show welcomed back comedian Eddie Murphy as host for the first time in 35 years. Murphy hosted while Lizzo performed two of her most popular songs. The singer got a lot of positive feedback from viewers on social media who enjoyed her energetic performance, according to Michigan Live News.

Lizzo is the up-and-coming musical artist of the year, topping charts with her songs "Truth Hurts" and "Good as Hell," both of which she performed on Saturday night. The 31-year-old Detroit, Michigan-born singer enjoyed a prosperous past year, and it seems that her career is only continuing to flourish. Most recently, she was named Entertainer of the Year for 2019. Social media users were quick to praise her glamorous outfits during Saturday's show, but many also pointed out her high energy.

"What a power voice! One of the best musical guests on #snl this season," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Lizzo's joy is so infectious!" tweeted another person.

The success that Lizzo is enjoying now did not happen overnight. In fact, she had to work hard for nearly a decade before she received the stardom she was seeking. Her past was filled with some dark times that she's been candid about. In a particularly open and honest interview recently, the singer talked about her struggles with mental health, including anxiety.

"There's a lot of anxiety in society. I've suffered from it, and it's awful, it's debilitating, I know what that feels like. And now I think there's a new wave of people just leaning towards seeking joy…. The apex of positivity, I don't know where it is, but I hope this is just the beginning because I got more. There is a lot more where that came from."
Lizzo exudes confidence and has become known for promoting self-love and body positivity. But these things were also not achieved overnight. Rather, they were personality traits that the star has developed over time. The singer explained that while she has come to love the person she is today, she's not saying that she's against self-improvement by any means.

Rather, she continues to examine her life on a daily basis and takes into account areas to work on. She described this as looking in the "physical mirror, the emotional mirror, and the spiritual mirror," as The Inquisitr previously reported.