WWE Rumors: Company Reportedly Offering Big Money To Sign Free Agent

Killer Kross was released from Impact Wrestling earlier this week, and WWE is reportedly very keen on signing the performer. According to the reliable WrestleVotes, via Twitter, the company is willing to pay the in-demand free agent main roster money to join NXT, similar to the deal the company offered Adam Page last year when he became available to sign.

"WWE's interest level is significantly high in signing Killer Kross. Source said he should get a similar offer to that of which was extended to Hangman Page last year. No telling if Kross will sign, but WWE is definitely pursuing him, harder than they normally pursue other FAs."
Kross recently signed a deal with Major League Wrestling, but he isn't expected to be there long. It is also worth noting that Kross' girlfriend, Scarlett Bordeaux, recently joined the NXT roster, which could be a motivating factor in his decision to join WWE, should he sign with the company in the near future.

Kross joined Impact Wrestling last year, but he requested his release back in May after becoming dissatisfied with his position in the company. During a recent interview with Pro Wrestling Sheet, he revealed that the company wasn't taking care of him financially, and he was told to take independent bookings to make more money.

"You're struggling to make ends meet taking care of people, and the job that you can barely afford to have tells you to go get another job so you can keep that job. It's like working at a corporation being told to go work at McDonalds."
During the interview, Kross stated that he didn't ask Impact Wrestling to break the bank to retain his services. He also believed that his performances would allow the company to reap the rewards, but they weren't able to meet his demands.

Kross had been absent from Impact Wrestling since July, but the company refused to grant his release until his contract had expired. The company also reportedly had the option to add another year to his deal, but they made the call to grant the superstar his wish to be let go instead.

It remains to be seen where Kross ends up, but he has a host of options at the moment. It's highly likely that AEW will also be interested in bringing in a star of his caliber, and the company has no shortage of available funds when it comes to offering superstars impressive contracts.