Janet Jackson Sports A Full Fringe, Denim Jacket, Semi-Sheer Gown & Thigh-High Boots For Glammed-Up Shoot

Janet Jackson has been on a roll recently, uploading multiple photos of herself looking glammed-up in professional photoshoots. The "That's the Way Love Goes" hitmaker has posted more shots of herself on Instagram -- and her followers aren't complaining.

Jackson has been sporting dark curly locks in recent photos but opted for a lighter brown for this shoot. She owned a full fringe and wore her straightened hair down. The icon rocked a denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up. Underneath, she stunned in a dark blue semi-sheer gown that had lots of layers. The poofy garment fell to the floor and looked like it was made out of thin netted material.

Jackson paired the look with blue thigh-high heels and accessorized herself with black gloves that covered her fingers but not her thumb. She applied a coat of neon-colored nail polish, a bright-colored lipstick and had a sheer red net blowing on top of her head.

In the upload, which consisted of two photos, Jackson wowed her followers with the artistic aesthetic. In the first shot, the "Love Will Never Do (Without You)" chart-topper was photographed sitting. She appeared to be looking down while rocking a chilled out, slouched pose. The red net only went across the top part of her head and didn't cover all her hair.

In the second, Jackson looked down while the net covered her entire head, blocking her face.

In the span of one hour, her post racked up more than 30,000 likes and over 750 comments, proving to be a hit with her 3.9 million followers.

"All the looks. All the fashions. All the iconicness," one user wrote.

"I'M DECEASED. U ARE KILLING IT," another shared passionately in capital letters.

"These need to be put in a gallery!! Beautiful!" a third fan insisted.

"You didn't have to slay us like this," a fourth follower commented.

All week, Jackson has been sharing images of herself that are very creative.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the "Feedback" songstress wowed her fans in a portrait photo that had her face edited into the picture twice. She appeared in color in one of the headshots and in black-and-white in the other. In both shots, she stared at the camera lens with a strong expression while wearing a cape that covered her. Jackson opted for a dark bold lip and accessorized herself with dangling earrings. She sported her hair up in a huge bun that looked regal on the star.