‘Enlightened’ Cancelled By HBO

Enlightened cancelled

HBO has canceled Enlightened after two seasons.

Last year, the cable network decided to stick with the dark comedy despite the fact that it possessed very low ratings throughout its run. However, even though it has been lauded by critics, executives decided not to order a third season of the show.

HBO released a statement revealing the news that noted, “It was a very difficult decision. We’re very proud of the show and we look forward to working with Mike White and Laura Dern in the future.”

Enlightened was moved to a different time slot in an attempt to increase ratings for its second season. Last year, it was broadcast on a Monday, whereas HBO attempted to coax viewers to the programme by showing it after Lena Dunham’s Girls on Sundays for its second instalment.

However, Enlightened still only managed to draw in 300,000 viewers, a third of Girls‘ audience.

Enlightened starred Laura Dern as Amy Jellicoe, a woman who had a mental breakdown at work that transformed her into an “agent of change.” She looked to turn the world into a better place by using positive thinking.

Written by Mike White, who also co-starred and scribed The School of Rock, Enlightened deployed voiceovers and used some gorgeous cinematography to entice its small but loyal audience.

Dern was even awarded ger third Golden Globe for her appearance in the show in 2011. By claiming the accolade, she beat Tina Fey, Laura Linney, Amy Poehler, and Zooey Deschanel.

Last month, the actress talked about her return to the world of Jurassic Park for a fourth instalment to the franchise. “I know a little and it’s been ever-changing. It’s been evolving for many years as Steven [Spielberg] has been considering it so that’s all I can say right now,” stated Dern. “Oh, I don’t know. We’ll see what they do.”

Will you miss Enlightened?