Dylan Dreyer’s Husband Brian Fichera Thanks Hoda Kotb For Helping Them Through Miscarriage

Kotb responded in the sweetest way when Dreyer and Fichera found out they had lost their baby.

Hoda Kotb poses on the red carpet.
Donald Bowers / Getty Images

Kotb responded in the sweetest way when Dreyer and Fichera found out they had lost their baby.

Dylan Dreyer of The Today Show and her husband Brian Fichera are currently expecting their second child. They are particularly grateful for this pregnancy because they went through the pain of a miscarriage one year ago. In an emotional Instagram post, Fichera thanked Hoda Kotb for knowing exactly what they needed on that tragic day when they found out they had lost their baby, according to Today.

The day that Dreyer found out she had miscarried was supposed to be a happy one. She and her husband were expected to take their son Calvin to meet Kotb, her daughter Haley, and her partner Joel Schiffman, to go see Sesame Street Live! But that morning when Dreyer woke up, she immediately knew something was wrong and went to the doctor. Fichera continued the day as normal, showing up at the event with Kotb without Dreyer.

Immediately, the longterm Today host knew something was wrong. When Fichera began to break down and get emotional, she simply wrapped him up in a hug without any hesitation, he wrote.

“When Dylan arrived I had cried my tears and was ready to carry the world for Dylan to help get her through this time and it was all because @hodakotb and her family were so kind and so supportive. So as 2019 is coming to an end I just wanted to send a very special shout out to Hoda and her family for all of their support and friendship.”

Fichera concluded the sentimental post by reminding followers to spread kindness to one another because in times of tragedy and heartbreak, those are the gestures that can mean so much.

“It was the moment after hitting rock bottom where we decided to start our climb back up. Be kind to each other. You will never know the power of your kindness,” he said.

Fichera included a photo from that very day, featuring Kotb’s family and his family, all smiling brightly. From just looking at the snap, it appears the group had a fantastic time and were having a great day. Fichera wrote that pictures don’t always tell the whole story, so it’s always good to err on the side of kindness.

Since learning of her current pregnancy, Dreyer has spoken candidly about how difficult the process was and the pain that she went through losing her child. She has also spoken of the incredible joy and gratitude she now feels. Her rainbow baby, which is another little boy, is expected to be born in January, as The Inquisitr previously reported.