December 20, 2019
Kelly Ripa And Ryan Seacrest Rock Incredible Christmas Sweaters For Their Holiday Special

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest looked festive for the Live with Kelly and Ryan holiday sweater special on Friday. One of their guests also got in the holiday spirit by rocking a hilarious top for her appearance on the show.

In a photo uploaded on the official Live with Kelly and Ryan Instagram page, the two hosts were pictured wearing matching Christmas-themed sweaters that featured a fun element: They lit up. Kelly and Ryan's warm and cozy tops were both emblazoned with the same large cartoon face of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. Santa's most important helper had Christmas lights tangled in his antlers. The cartoon lights had real lights attached to them in various colors including blue, red, and yellow.

Hustlers star Julia Stiles just happened to be booked on the day that Kelly and Ryan were filming their holiday sweater special, and the celebrity guest embraced the show's theme by rocking a fun and festive top of her own. Julia's red and green sweater had a classic look with its banded snowflake design. However, the top also featured a humorous touch: a large green dinosaur wearing a red holiday sweater. The sleeves of the reptile's garment were too long for its short and stubby arms, so the dinosaur's claws could be seen sticking out through the centers of the sweater sleeves. The empty portions of the sleeves dangled down from its claws.

Kelly and Ryan later added matching accessories to their sweaters. In a second photo, they were pictured rocking dark sunglasses adorned with plastic reindeer antlers and ears.In an Instagram video, Kelly and Ryan were shown wearing different sweaters. Ryan's featured an image of a tin toy soldier with a drum. The top also included a fun moving element. The soldier's gloved hands stuck out from the sweater, and they had small drumsticks attached to them. When Ryan pressed two buttons on the bottom of the sweater, the drummer's hands moved up and down, making it look like he was beating his drum. Ryan used the sweater to knock on a door by pressing his body up close to it and pressing the buttons multiple times.

Kelly was shown rocking a blue holiday sweater with a similar moving element. The garment featured an image of a cartoon puppy with floppy attached ears. When Kelly pressed the buttons on her top, the puppy's ears flew up in the air. The cute pooch on her top was tangled up in a string of Christmas lights, and it had a Santa hat on its head. Kelly and Ryan accessorized their animated sweaters with reindeer antler headbands that had small glass ornaments danging from them.

Kelly and Ryan made numerous sweater changes during their holiday sweater party special. However, Kelly recently proved that she doesn't have to be sporting festive apparel to put her Christmas spirit on display. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she was rocking a black sweater when she danced and sang along to the Mariah Carey song "All I Want for Christmas Is You" in an Instagram video.