December 20, 2019
All Wendy Williams Wants For Christmas Is A Divorce

During Thursday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, television star Wendy Williams was visited by popular DJ Stevie J. Stevie came to the show with plenty of lavish gifts for Williams in honor of the Christmas season. However, he couldn't offer her the one thing she really wants this year. That one thing is for her divorce from Kevin Hunter to be finalized, according to BET.

Stevie brought Williams one of her favorite meals, a roast beef sandwich just the way she likes it with pickles on the side. He then handed her some glamorous diamonds and a mink coat for both her and her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.. But due to an earlier private phone call he shared with the television host, Stevie knew the divorce was her biggest Christmas wish. He revealed this on air, seemingly without Williams' permission.

"I got one more thing that she asked me for, she asked me for the divorce," he said, the crowd erupting in clapping and laughter.

Williams tried to quiet him, remind him that this was something she'd shared with him during a private conversation. He then turned the tables on her, reminding her that this was the "Hot Topics" section of her show after all. Williams divorce drama could certainly fall into that category.

"I want something that no one can give me… a court and a pen," Williams admitted, suggesting she wants to be able to officially sign off on the divorce and have this whole thing behind her.

Williams filed for divorce back in April, but the whole process has taken a lot longer than she had anticipated. It likely won't be officially over by Christmas, unfortunately. Williams filed for divorce from Hunter after a marriage that lasted for more than two decades. She later informed the world that not only had her husband been unfaithful to her, but he had welcomed a baby girl with his mistress.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, new reports say that the divorce is starting to take a mental toll on the star, even if she doesn't show it while on air. Hunter has reportedly not made the process easier on her, as he has requested a major severance package.

"The divorce has really stressed Wendy out and it's taking a toll on her mood, for sure. She's been very, very stressed on days she's dealing with it," one inside source said.