Nicki Minaj On Wanting To See ‘Less Politics’ In Rap Music

Nicki Minaj was recently honored with the Game-Changer Award at the Billboard Women in Music ceremony and has since spoken on how she wants to see less politics in rap music.

The “Girls Fall Like Dominoes” hitmaker explained to Billboard that she’s noticed there are a lot of female rappers emerging, which she feels will be a great change for the industry. Minaj believes things will go in a positive direction as long as everyone is focused on talent.

“But what I would love to see some more of in the industry is less politics, less about who you know and more just about talent, talent, talent,” she expressed.

“I would love for rappers to be so passionate about rap that we feel it,” the “Pound the Alarm” songstress continued.

Minaj explained how proud she was of those who had just emerged on the scene and insisted that they should continue being themselves.

“Everyone that has just come into the game I’m proud of you guys ’cause it’s not easy, and I know that, so keep on doing your thing.”

She gave out some words of encouragement as she wanted other artists to know their worth. Minaj remarked that no one else’s opinions should make them think any differently about themselves.

Minaj insisted that not being around other people and taking time to focus on just yourself is always great.

“Your peace is the most important thing and knowing you’re beautiful and knowing you’re great is extremely important,” she said.

“You are that b*tch,” she declared, referencing Lizzo’s chart-topping single, “Truth Hurts.”

According to Music News, the “Super Bass” rapper left fans upset when she claimed she would be retiring from the music scene to start a family with her husband, Kenneth Petty. However, Minaj has apologized and addressed the situation that confused many. Fortunately for her loyal fans, it was a misunderstanding.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Minaj paid homage to her friend Juice Wrld during her Billboard Women in Music speech.

The “Barbie Tingz” chart-topper sent condolences out to his girlfriend, family, and friends, letting them know that she was thinking of them. She reminisced over a moment when they were on tour together, where Juice held her hand and told her to stay calm and pray.

Minaj admitted she regrets that she didn’t do more to help the 21-year-old and said to the audience that they shouldn’t pass judgment on others who are struggling, as it will help them be less ashamed to speak out and ask for help.

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