Kate Middleton & Prince William Reveal Adorable Family Christmas Card

Chris JacksonPool / Getty Images

Kate Middleton and Prince William’s annual family Christmas card has made its debut on Twitter. For the card, the royal couple posed with their three children for an adorable photo, which was shared on the social media site on December 18.

The royal couple appears happy and relaxed in the photo, which was posted by photographer Benjamin Wareing to his Twitter account.

The fun photo shows the royal clan sitting on a vintage motorbike, complete with a sidecar.

On the left, Kate held on to one side of the vehicle’s handlebars and looked stunning in a robin’s egg-blue wrap dress with a white design depicted throughout the garment. The dress falls down to her calves. The future Queen of England wore her hair down and loose, which fell over her shoulders. She also sported drop earrings for just a hint of sparkle.

Next to Kate and seated on the motorbike was Prince William. Ever the doting dad, he held the couple’s infant son Prince Louis. William matched his wife in hue, wearing a blue, button-down tailored shirt with dark blue dress pants.

Prince Louis, who has a surprised look on his face in the sweet image, wore cute blue denim overalls that ended in shorts. With that, he sported a collared shirt and his hair brushed neatly down over one side.

Prince George, seated next to his father, sported a dark blue polo shirt and plaid shorts in varying colors of red, white, and blue. His head is jauntily tilted in the direction of his father and brother, his blond hair tousled in the image seen below.

Finally, Princess Charlotte, a mirror image of her stunning mother, stood in the main part of the sidecar and held on to its glass top. She wore a dress that had a sleeveless navy top and blue and white gingham bottom.

At the time the 2019 card was taken, Prince George was 6-years-old, Princess Charlotte was 4-years-old, and Prince Louis was one.

Fans of the royal family were in awe of how quickly the couple’s three children are growing up and of the unique photo. This year’s photo was strikingly different from the couple’s cards in years past, such as the image seen below, where they were photographed with just their children and no props.

“I love your growing family and just love ur pics…please keep them coming!” said one Twitter user.

“Great photo, the children are growing up so fast merry Christmas to them all!” said a second fan of the Cambridge family.

“Fabulous photo!!! Love the fact they are showing their ‘real’ personalities! Merry Christmas!!” said yet another follower of the royal family, who enjoys how Kate and William allow each of their children to express their individuality.