Former WWE Wrestler Nathan Jones Rumored To Join ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie Reboot

Former WWE Wrestler Nathan Jones is rumored to be part of the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie.

The upcoming reboot finished filming a couple of days ago, with most of the project being kept under wraps, according to Game Rant. While the names of actors playing some of the important characters of the famous franchise are publicly known, there are still a few important ones who have yet to be disclosed. Who will play the role of Shao Kahn, for example, remains mostly shrouded in mystery.

Speculations that Nathan Jones, 52, will play the antagonist — Shao Kahn — came up after some social media posts of him emerged online. The former wrestler and native of Australia is currently living in his home country, which is where the movie was filmed.

Nathan took to Facebook on December 6 to post an image of himself eating in the company of Daniel Nelson, who worked on stunts in the upcoming movie reboot. The Troy actor revealed in the post that he had been “training weapons” with the stunts specialist. A video of Nathan was then published on Instagram, one seeing him swinging a large hammer which looked like Shao Kahn’s “wrath hammer” from the video games.

While Nathan could be a good fit for the role, it is also possible that fans of the franchise may be reading too much into these social media posts. Game Rant also noted that the video did not come from the official Mortal Kombat social media account, nor from Ed Boon, the co-creator of the game. However, for some, this particular theory has been interesting to entertain.

What is certain is that not having Shao Khan in the reboot would be confusing to most fans, as he is one of the biggest antagonists the franchise has ever created.

Because Shao Kahn is considered by fans to be very important to Mortal Kombat lore, it is a big role to fill — and an important one for the franchise. Shao Khan first surfaced — in a serious way — in the film adaptations of the franchise via Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, only briefly appearing at the conclusion of the first film. Game Rant speculated that the role is being saved for a possible sequel to the reboot. However, it is also possible that Shao Khan will show up in the 2021 release.

Nathan, the star of Mad Max: Fury Road, is known for his stint in the WWE, where he worked with Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker, among others. He has also appeared in various films, including Never Back Down: No Surrender and Fearless.

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