Abortionists Should Be Executed For ‘Committing Mass Murder,’ Says Ex-GOP Gubernatorial Candidate

Tyler MacDonald - Author

Dec. 17 2019, Updated 1:59 p.m. ET

Scott Lively, a Republican who previously ran for the Massachusetts governor’s seat, recently spoke to Dave Daubenmire on the Pass the Salt podcast and touched on the topic of abortion, Newsweek reports. According to Lively, abortion providers deserve the death penalty for “committing mass murder.”

“If I had my way, we would be executing abortionists after trial,” Lively said. “They are committing mass murder and if we truly had a just justice system, they would be tried and they would be executed for what they’re doing. That is how serious the problem is.”

Lively clarified that he was not calling for vigilante-style justice but rather for a justice system aligned with Biblical law, which would require two witnesses to put guilty doctors to death.

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The 62-year-old author previously said that abortion is the “most vile and wicked act” that humans are capable of while running for Massachusetts governor. He claimed he would prosecute doctors who provided abortion services for aggravated first-degree murder if he had the power to do so.

“I myself would be ‘pro-choice’ if it were not for one fact,” Lively said in a press release, adding that abortion is wrong because both science and the Bible purportedly confirm that the unborn child is its own unique person from conception.

The author is known for being outspoken in his controversial views. Per Hill Reporter, Lively has previously been open about his anti-LGBTQ views. In one instance, he took aim at Uganda and suggested that some residents of the country were “so far from normalcy that they’re killers.”

“They’re serial killers, mass murderers. They’re sociopaths,” the former gubernatorial candidate said. “There’s no mercy at all, there’s no nurturing, no caring about anybody else.”

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As The Inquisitr previously reported, Mother Jones blamed Lively for the anti-gay sentiment that has reportedly surfaced in the African country. The publication noted that he first visited Uganda in 2002 and has fostered relationships with politicians and religious leaders, spearheading their battle against the LGBTQ community.

Lively was sued in 2012 by the Center for Constitutional Rights on behalf of Sexual Minorities Uganda. The lawsuit was reportedly a response to his 2009 talks in Uganda, which purportedly inspired the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act. The act ⁠– which Lively did not endorse due to the inclusion of the death penalty ⁠– was ultimately ruled invalid in 2014.

Lively also opposed Hallmark’s consideration of same-sex couples appearing in their movies. He isn’t alone, either ⁠– a recent petition suggested that Hallmark would be “offending” its Christian audience by including “homosexual themes” in their movies.


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