Kelly Ripa Listens To Recording Of Husband Mark Consuelos Snoring, Couple Suggests It’s Potentially Deadly

Kelly Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, talked about his snoring problem during Tuesday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan. The couple also gave viewers a small taste of what Kelly experiences every night in bed with Mark.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mark was filling in for Kelly’s co-host, Ryan Seacrest. Kelly and Ryan usually engage in a little friendly, funny banter at the beginning of each show. However, Mark decided to discuss his potentially dangerous health issue before he and Kelly interviewed the day’s celebrity guests.

“I’ve taken up snoring, which is weird,” Mark said.

He then referenced a report that he and Kelly had recently read about how a noisy sleeper’s snoring can potentially harm their partner.

“We read yesterday that snoring actually has a major impact on the person you’re sleeping with,” Mark said. “It kills them.”

The audience laughed at this, but Kelly backed her husband up with a serious expression on her face.

“It does. No, no, no. It actually kills them,” Kelly said. “It doesn’t kill you; it kills the person you’re sleeping with.”

According to Cosmopolitan, a few articles were published recently that mention various studies about how snoring affects those who are forced to listen to it. Sleeping with a snoring partner reportedly causes sleep deprivation, and it’s been linked to hearing loss and raised blood pressure. It may even increase one’s risk of heart disease, stroke, and a host of other health issues. The Cosmopolitan article concluded that “snoring is impactful enough to a partner to be able to rob them of years of living.”

Mark said that he wants Kelly to “live,” so he’s trying to do something about his snoring. Right now, he’s using an app to monitor his nightly noises.

“It records you. It has a very sensitive microphone,” Mark said of the app. “If you toss and turn, it measures that. So you can actually put it on the bed, and it has like, a little motion thing, too.”

Mark played a recording of his snoring from the night before for the show’s audience. He revealed that he snored for 10 minutes, and he described the sounds he made as a bit “phlegmy.” You can listen to the recording below.

Mark kept wincing as the recording played, and Kelly cracked a Star Wars joke in response to the way he sounded. She compared her husband’s snoring to Darth Vader’s slow, heavy breathing by quoting the villainous character.

“Luke, I am your father,” she said in a vague imitation of Darth Vader’s voice.

According to Kelly, Mark’s snoring is usually much worse.

“That was like, nothing,” Kelly said. “That was child’s play.”

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