December 17, 2019
Anwar Hadid Carries Dua Lipa In Adorable Photo Snapped Before Boarding Plane

In a new Instagram post by English singer Dua Lipa, boyfriend Anwar Hadid is seen carrying the singer before boarding a plane.

As seen in the series of photos, the 24-year-old singer and 20-year-old model looked happier than ever as they packed on some PDA. Probably weeks of being apart for work, the two just seem glad and ecstatic that they get to spend time this holiday season.

The first photo showed Anwar carrying Dua while having the biggest smile. The model was dressed in an almost all-black ensemble — T-shirt, jumper, joggers, trainers, and blue socks. He also sported a denim blue bucket hat and carried an Avengers backpack. While Dua wore the same color in a black T-shirt, black denim trousers, and lime green flats. The singer also wore a bucket hat, but with a different design and color. She, too, had the biggest smile on her face.

The next snap showed Anwar playing around with Dua, with him tilting her back down and her feet up in the air. The private plane and an attendant waiting for the couple were seen in the background.

The third photo in the series showed Dua walking on her own and carrying a water bottle. Anwar was just a few inches beside her, as both were walking toward the plane.

The latest share earned a ton of attention from the couple's fans with over 697,000 likes and over 1,391 comments — a number that continues to climb.

Family, friends, and fans took to the snap to show admiration while countless others had no words and opted to comment using emoji rather than words.

Anwar's sister, Gigi Hadid, approved of the photos and dropped a big "YEAH" comment. The model's mom, Yolanda Hadid dropped a red heart emoji.

"Bucket hat baddies," a friend wrote.

"Best couple," a fan wrote.

Anwar and Dua have been dating since late June of this year. Their relationship seems to be going strong and barely keep their hands off each other whenever the two are together.

As reported by Cosmopolitan, the duo was first seen getting intimate at the British Summer Time music festival in Hyde Park, London. The two were reported to have been packing on PDA the whole time. Just a month after Dua's breakup with ex-boyfriend chef Isaac Carew, the romance with Anwar started. It may seem too early, but the pair are reportedly pretty serious with their budding romance, and more so now that the couple has walked a red carpet together.