Emily Blunt May Play Princess Diana In New Film

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt may take on the role she was born to play in another Princess Diana biopic, as it’s said that she’s the top choice to play the Princess of Whales.

The Inquisitr has learned that Blunt may play Princess Diana in a new biopic, following right behind Naomi Watts’ turn in the film titled Diana. While Watts stunningly resembled Princess Diana, she still received some criticism for taking on the role.

If Blunt takes on the role, which she has already turned down before, it won’t be painted as a typical biopic. Instead, this new Princess Diana project will be based on the memoirs of Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe.

It’s safe to say that Emily Blunt thinks very highly of Princess Diana, and any commitment to playing her would suggest that the film has decided to portrayal Diana in a respectful light. At the time, while promoting The Five-Year EngagementBlunt described being transformed into Diana for her character’s Halloween costume as “an extraordinary experience.”

So far the only other lead we have for the new film, which is currently titled Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, is that it’s being developed by producer Stephen Evans.

Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash while being chased by paparazzi in Paris, France in 1997. Blunt rehashed her experience of that tragic day: “I woke my mum and dad, and I just said, ‘Princess Diana’s dead’, and my mum started crying. Diana was just so emblematic of our country, so it was awful.”

If Blunt doesn’t take on the role, there’s still Naomi Watt’s take on Princess Diana. As for Watts getting approval from the royal family, the actress has said: “They’re not available for research and things like that!”

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