‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Opens Up About Anxiety, Tyler Baltierra Admits He Was ‘Ignorant’ To It

Fans of Teen Mom OG know that Catelynn Lowell has dealt with anxiety in the past. Now, the reality star is set to appear on part three of the Teen Mom 2 reunion to sit down with Chelsea Houska and talk about her anxiety.

In a new clip shared by the show’s Twitter account, Catelynn Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra sit down with Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer. On the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, fans have watched as Chelsea has dealt with her anxiety. Now, Catelynn is sharing her experiences with anxiety in an effort to help the mom of three.

“That was Cate, every single day,” Tyler explained after Chelsea revealed she was dealing with her anxiety daily.

Dr. Drew then asked Catelynn what she is now doing for treatment in regards to her anxiety, and Catelynn revealed she is currently seeing a psychiatrist. She added that she also underwent a lot of “trauma therapy,” as well as got on “the right medication.” Tyler then stressed genetic testing, something that Catelynn also underwent. Dr. Drew explained that the genetic testing Catelynn had done was to help her “select the right medication.”

Dr. Drew then talked to Tyler who recalled that there was a time when he was so “helpless.”

He explained that when someone has a headache you are able to help them, but with anxiety it is different. He said that the only thing you can do is to “be there.”

“I think the best thing we can do is learn about it. I was ignorant to it I don’t know anything about this,” Tyler admitted.

Catelynn added that Tyler went to the psychiatrist appointments with her. “I think what was positive for him coming to the psychiatrist, too,” she said. “He said things that I couldn’t verbally say. Like he saw things and could tell him things that I couldn’t even think about in the moment to tell them.”

The reunion host then asked Catelynn why she decided to share her struggles with anxiety, and the Teen Mom OG star said she wanted to be able to help “people to see it’s okay to get help.”

Recently, Catelynn Lowell spoke about her marriage with Tyler Baltierra. Some fans have wondered if things are okay between the couple that’s been together since the show began more than a decade ago. Although they have had troubles in the past, the couple seems to be stronger than ever.

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