Kendall Jenner Jokes On Social Media That She And Kylie Are ‘Fighting’ Over Fai Khadra

Kendall Jenner recently left a message that suggested she was upset with her sister, Kylie Jenner.

The runway model took to her Instagram page to comment under Kylie’s latest post. In the photo, Kylie is seen linking arms with Kendall’s friend, Fai Khadra. The mother-of-one and the model were seen standing in a room together while they were attending Sean “Diddy” Combs’ birthday bash. Kylie had on a sultry Balmain dress that hugged her body and showed off her cleavage. Khadra is seen right next to her wearing a black suit with a white dress shirt.

Kylie started the joking by tagging Kendall in the photos of her and Fai. After seeing Kylie and Fai together, Kendall decided to step into Kylie’s Instagram comments. According to E! News, Kendall left a message under Kylie’s page, which was reposted by Comments by Celebs.

“Are we fighting?” Kendall asked under her sister’s post.

The comment from Kendall reportedly left many fans puzzled by the interaction. Some fans thought that Kendall’s comment was a serious question, and wondered whether Kylie and Fai were actually dating. E! has confirmed, though, that the exchange was an inside joke between the sisters.

While Kylie and Fai’s photo was the first time Kylie had posted herself with him, he isn’t new to the Kardashian/Jenner family. He and Kendall have been spotted together several times on Kendall’s Instagram page. In one adorable post, Kendall is seen playing with her nephews, Psalm and Saint West. Fai wasn’t far behind and posed with Kendall and Psalm in one photo. Kendall asked her millions of followers to “say I” if they think that they should start their own family together. The model received several “Is” from Kendall’s friends and sisters, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, as well as Kylie.

Neither Kendall not Fai has disclosed whether they are together. Kendall, who is private about her love life, hasn’t given any details about Fai other than documenting their time together. As for Fai, the musician has mostly posted photos of himself on his Instagram page.

While Kendall and Kylie may not be fighting over Fai, Kylie may be upset with Kendall after a comment the model made earlier this month. According to Page Six, Kendall was asked by Harry Styles to rank her siblings from the best parent to worst. While Kendall hesitated at first, she shared that her brother, Rob Kardashian is definitely the best parent to his daughter, Dream. The model then ranked her sisters, putting Kylie in fourth place.

“It would be like, Khloé, Kim, Kylie, Kourtney,” she said, laughing.

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