‘The Young And The Restless’ 12 Days Of Christmas: Real-Life And On-Screen Couple Answers Cute Question

Brytni Sarpy and Bryton James.
Trae Patton/Francis Specker / CBS

The Young and the Restless is treating fans to a Christmas countdown featuring 12 fan questions answered by different people from the show. In today’s second day of Christmas video, real-life couple Brytni Sarpy and Bryton James, who portray on-screen couple Elena and Devon, gave viewers a sweet holiday gift.

Brytni and Bryton stood in a gorgeously holiday-decorated living room. Brytni was wearing a lovely long sleeve cream sweater that was off of one shoulder. She wore her hair in soft curls and parted on one side. The actress had on makeup that complimented her facial features, and she completed the look with a dark manicure. Bryton sported a beard, and he wore a red heathered long-sleeved T-shirt.

Bryton held the question box, and Brytni shook it and then pulled out a fan question. Right before she opened it, the couple looked at each other with a bit of fear in their eyes, and then Brytni read the slip of paper.

“What is the coolest gift you’ve ever given someone?” the question read.

Brytni looked at Bryton, and he thought for a few moments.

“My love,” he answered, which appeared to melt Brytni’s heart.

The actress had a tougher time deciding, and Bryton told her it wasn’t as easy as it looked to think of an answer so quickly. Ultimately, Brytni figured it out. She revealed that she gave her dog, Charlie, a dog cake for his birthday, which she thought was pretty cool. She didn’t provide any details about how Charlie felt about the gift.

Fans watched the video more than 8,000 times, and more than 760 took the time to hit the “like” button. In the caption, Y&R asked viewers to reply with their answers on the coolest gift they ever gave, and Instagram users came through with some great answers.

“A charcoal drawing of Payne Stewart done by a local artist and is one of one, and I gave him little gifts to lead up to the framed drawing and the drawing is of the last tournament before he passed those little gifts were a wrapped up golf ball a Payne Stewart hat a book of his life then the picture,” replied one viewer.

“I gave my best friend in high school Led Zeppelins ‘new album’ Physical Graffiti for her birthday. A double vinyl album and she still has it!! We were crazy Zeppelin fans. It was the 70’s,” a second fan wrote.

Several viewers also expressed how much they enjoyed Devon and Elena’s relationship on the show.