‘Silent Hill: Book Of Memories’ DLC And Patch Released

'Silent Hill Book of Memories' DLC and patch released

Silent Hill: Book of Memories just got DLC and a patch released today.

Silent Hill is a horror videogame series that used the fog effect to its advantage, reinforcing the idea that what you don’t see scares you more. The series gave us such horror staples as the faceless nurse, Pyramid Head, and the fog that never goes away. Silent Hill taught us that zombies are not the only thing you can build a successful horror franchise on. Fear itself is the staple of the series, as it introduced us to blood-soaked bunny costumes, flaming carousels, and strange abominations that play on some of our deepest fears.

The latest game in the Silent Hill series is on the PlayStation Vita, keeping with Sony’s exclusive rights to the Silent Hill franchise. It unfortunately delivered some fears that weren’t intentional, and that is what the patch is here for. The players spoke, and WayForward listened. Gone is the fear of losing half an hour of progress when you die, as it now restarts the stage while maintaining the progress you made. The poison traps have been downgraded, so now one hit won’t kill you, and the damage is inflicted for a shorter period of time.

Also, be aware that Silent Hill: Book of Memories is more of a Diablo 3 clone than Silent Hill.

The DLC offers something new all around, in the form of new character skins like Silent Hill 3‘s Heather Mason, and a slew of new weapons, gear, and forsaken rooms. You can now throw television sets (probably the classic box-type, since flat-screens are pretty light). WayForward also wants you to pay attention to one of the new weapons, of the remote control variety, but they won’t divulge any details as to how it works or what it does.

It may be worth venturing into Silent Hill once again, just to see if the patch and DLC makes the game worthy of attention again.

Are you excited about the release of a patch and DLC for Silent Hill: Book of Memories?