WWE Rumors: New Manager Being Tested Out For King Corbin And He May Have Already Appeared

Managers have not really been a huge part of WWE or professional wrestling for quite some time, but there are some of them still around. "King" Baron Corbin has made a pretty big name for himself in the company and has done well in all of the angles he's been given, but there could be more. Rumors are swirling that WWE is toying with the idea of giving Corbin a manager soon and he may have already shown up on Friday Night SmackDown.

Brock Lesnar has Paul Heyman at his side and he's been there for many years. Lana was with Rusev for a long time before moving along to Bobby Lashley. There really are not a lot of managers in wrestling anymore and it's a part of the profession that has truly been missing since the '80s and '90s.

As Corbin continues to shoot up the ranks and head into the main event scene, WWE may have an idea of how to get him to that next level. Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, is reporting that the company is testing out the idea of having someone accompany the villainous royalty figure.

While his manager has not been mentioned or appeared in full on WWE television, he may have shown up a couple of weeks ago. During the segment in which Corbin's King's Court faction poured dog food all over Roman Reigns, another person may have secretly helped out.

The King's Court torments Roman Reigns on

As seen in the above picture, there is a hand sticking out from under the ring and grabbing at Reigns' leg. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer claims that the hand belongs to none other than Drake Maverick, who is going to end up as the manager of King Corbin.

"If you remember not on this Friday, but the last Friday's show when the Roman Reigns beat-down there was a guy from under the ring that grabbed his leg and that kinda helped tie him up in the corner when they tied dog food on him. I presume that was Drake Maverick — I don't know, but I do know that they were already advertising Drake Maverick in January shows. You know, it's Baron Corbin and Drake Maverick."
There really hasn't been much explanation as to why it is Maverick who is being paired with Corbin, but it's apparently happening. Drake has some managerial experience from his days in Impact Wrestling and also from WWE when he was leading the Authors of Pain to the ring.

While these are simply rumors as of this point and anything could change, it does seem as if King Corbin is getting a manager soon. On Sunday night, Roman Reigns will take on Corbin in a match at TLC, and WWE could choose that time to introduce Drake Maverick in his new role.