Lindsay Lohan Visits Nightclub Following Rehab Sentence

Lindsay Lohan Rehab

Lindsay Lohan decided to hit a Hollywood nightclub shortly after being sentenced to rehab for 90 days.

The troubled starlet was ordered to spend three months inside a locked rehabilitation facility for violating her probation. However, Lohan was spotted at the popular AV Club only hours after the sentence was handed down.

The actress was seen hiding behind a blanket inside an SUV owned by billionaire and energy drink mogul Mr. Pink. Since photographers swarmed the vehicle almost as soon as it arrived, Lindsay Lohan decided to bail on the nightclub. She never made it through the front door.

Lohan entered a plea of no contest to the charges that arose after a car accident in California last year. Instead of sending the Mean Girls star to jail, the judge decided that 90 days in rehab would serve her best.

“This is it. You violate your probation, and we’re not going to have discussions of putting you back on probation,” Los Angeles Superior Judge James Dabney told Lindsay Lohan on Monday.

In addition to the time she will spend inside a rehabilitation facility, Lohan will also be required to seek 18 months worth of psychological therapy. The actress must also complete 30 days of community labor.

Although Lindsay won’t be able to leave the facility once she arrives, criminal defense attorney David Diamond explained that she won’t be as restricted as many might believe.

“The death of a family member, or a medical necessity — those would constitute exceptions. And if she reports to certain privately run facilities such as Promises, she wouldn’t be totally locked down,” he told E! News.

He added, “You can walk from your suite to pool and from the pool to omelette bar and back to your room.”

Lindsay Lohan might be headed to rehab in the near future, but that doesn’t seem to be deterring her from hanging around Hollywood nightclubs.

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