Joy-Anna Duggar Watches 'I Love Lucy' With Her Younger Siblings, Answers Question About Her Family's TV Habits

Treva Bowdoin

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth hosted a large group of the younger Duggars at their home over the weekend, and everyone enjoyed watching classic episodes of I Love Lucy. Joy-Anna's parents have often spoken about how they do not have a television in their home, so the watch party had some of Joy-Anna's followers questioning her family's viewing habits.

On Sunday, Joy-Anna took to Instagram to share a two-part post that included a photo and a video. In the photo, she was pictured in the car with all four of her younger sisters: Johannah, 14, Jennifer, 12, Jordyn, 10, and Josie, 10. Her 1-year-old son, Gideon, was sitting behind her in a car seat. He had a big grin on his face and was hamming it up for the camera, throwing his hands up in the air.

In Joy-Anna's video, she and her sisters were shown sitting in front of a big-screen TV in her new house. They were joined by Austin Forsyth, who was squeezed in on the end of a couch with all four of Joy-Anna's younger siblings. The group was watching the classic I Love Lucy chocolate factory episode, and all the girls were laughing and giggling as Lucy stuffed pieces of chocolate down her shirt, in her mouth, and inside her hat as the candies came down a conveyor belt.

"We would laugh and laugh at this episode! Still sooo funny every time I watch it!!" she wrote.

Joy-Anna's older sister, Jessa, responded to Amy's comment by taking her on a trip down memory lane and referencing a different I Love Lucy episode.

"Remember watching with you when Josie was in the ACH NICU and we were all camping out at the rental house in Little Rock— 'With Vitameatavegamin you can spoon your way to health. Tastes just like candy too— honest!'" Jessa wrote.

All of the television references had some of Joy-Anna's followers confused.

"I thought y'all didn't watch tv," wrote one fan.

Joy-Anna responded by explaining that her parents' TV ban only extended to broadcast and cable television. She revealed that the Duggar children were allowed to watch certain classic television shows on DVD or the internet.

"We didn't have Cable Television in our home when we were growing up, but we did watch old TV shows and movies on DVD or online," Joy-Anna wrote.

This is consistent with what Joy-Anna's parents have stated in the past. As reported by In Touch Weekly, her father, Jim Bob Duggar, once revealed that he and his wife, Michelle, actually had a television in their home when they first got married. However, they decided to get rid of it because they "couldn't believe" how inappropriate some of the content on TV was. Jim Bob said that he and Michelle turned to DVDs as a source of entertainment instead, and they were "very selective" about what they let their kids watch. He mentioned The Andy Griffith Show as one family-friendly option that had earned his stamp of approval.

What Joy-Anna didn't say is whether she and Austin currently have cable television. However, the couple obviously has a large flat-screen TV, which is something Joy-Anna didn't have growing up.