WWE News: Becky Lynch Recalls How She And Charlotte Flair Nearly Died

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have often been depicted as rivals on WWE television, but outside of the ring, they are friends who travel together. However, their experiences on the road have arguably been more dramatic than their WWE storylines, as Lynch recently opened up about a terrifying experience they shared together.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, “The Man” recently sat down with That’s What She Said to discuss a variety of topics and recalled an incident where the pair got into a car accident.

According to the Raw Women’s Champion, they were driving to a live event in Detroit, when two cars went speeding past them and sent their car speeding off the road.

“We get sideswiped and rammed right into a wall, then we go skidding past that. I look over to Charlotte and she’s just covered in red stuff — turns out it was my meal from the back of the car — but I thought it was blood. We’re in the middle of this place in Detroit, nobody stopped for us and I was scared to go back in the car to try to get my phone, try to figure out how to get some police there. That was pretty scary, but we still made the show the next night.”

At the time, Lynch believed that they were about to die. However, they, fortunately, escaped the incident fairly unscathed and have been wrestling on a weekly basis ever since. Given that both performers are top stars in WWE, losing any of them to a long-term injury could have been disastrous for the company.

Despite citing the experience as the most scared she’s ever been, Lynch was still able to laugh it off during the interview, which left host Sarah Spain in shock. However, it’s evident that Lynch has been able to move on and remain good-humored about an ordeal that most people would find traumatizing.

Lynch and Flair will be by each other’s side at tonight’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs pay-per-view, as they’re set to challenge The Kabuki Warriors — Asuka and Kairi Sane — for their Women’s Tag Team Championships in a traditional TLC match, so fans can expect lots of weapons to come into play.

Lynch and Charlotte have formed a shaky alliance in recent weeks, and winning the titles will be a first for the superstars who share 14 Women’s Championship reigns between them. Should they emerge from the match victorious, they will both have won every title they’re eligible for in WWE.

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