‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura Wants To Help Charlotte & Kevin Offers His Expertise

Charlotte Cassadine has been chatting it up with Nikolas, as seen recently on General Hospital. She thinks that he is her bodyguard, but little does she know that he is actually her uncle and the one who is out to destroy her father. The little girl mentioned something to her grandmother, Laura, and now there are concerns for the child’s welfare. In addition, Kevin Collins will be back on screen, as spoilers from Soap Central has indicated.

The previews for Monday’s General Hospital revealed that Laura is very concerned for Charlotte. She is seen telling someone that they need to talk about the little girl. It is likely that the person not shown is Lulu, as she was also seen in a clip with her daughter in the same episode. Laura was told by Charlotte about her “bodyguard” that is supposed to be there with her to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. Unfortunately, Charlotte did have a bit of an accident on the playground, and she told her grandmother that Nikolas wasn’t there at all.

Laura looked a little confused. Charlotte then told her that her papa had hired the bodyguard to look after her. Laura knew nothing about it and now thinks that Charlotte is making up an imaginary person. Laura thinks that her granddaughter has PTSD after being kidnapped by Cassandra. Now she wants to discuss the problem with Lulu or someone else.

Laura’s husband, Dr. Kevin Collins, will reappear during the week of December 16. Spoilers say that he aims to help out by shedding some light. He may have some tips on what to do with Charlotte, but this particular spoiler may be talking about his twin brother, Ryan Chamberlain. He just attacked Nelle Benson at Pentonville, but it was all planned out by the two villains. Kevin may just be called in to figure out what his serial killer brother is up to now.

Laura has been on canvas quite a bit lately, but her on-screen husband is usually kept in the background for weeks at a time. Now that his twin has struck again, there is no doubt that Kevin will be on hand to help figure things out.

As for Charlotte, she still thinks that Nik is her secret bodyguard, despite seeing his photo on Lulu’s phone. He reinforced on Friday’s General Hospital that he is still there to protect her, but now that Laura knows that something is up with her, she may just do some investigating on her own. That would certainly lead to her finding out that her son is still alive and has been in Port Charles for a while without telling her.

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