WWE News: Goldberg Threatens The Undertaker: ‘I Owe Him A Receipt’

It was supposed to be a “Legend vs. Legend” match, but it turned into one of the most criticized matches in WWE history. Over the summer, Goldberg and The Undertaker battled at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, and it ended with the “Deadman” picking up a victory in their first match ever. Now, Goldberg isn’t ready to step out of the ring entirely and he’s issuing threats to the former world champion.

During the match, Goldberg suffered an injury which led to him being knocked kind of “silly” and it caused the match to suffer. Some series and moves appeared sloppy, and at the time, no one realized why things were coming off so poorly.

After the match was over, Goldberg confirmed that he had suffered an injury a few minutes into the match. The injury didn’t allow him to perform at the top of his game and it led to the match suffering in quality.

At the end, the two legends were facing off for the first time ever, and The Undertaker picked up an iconic victory. With their age and the fact that neither man is an active in-ring superstar, many fans thought that there couldn’t be any retribution for Goldberg, and the matter was settled. Or is it.

This Sunday night, WWE will present TLC with a special showing of Broken Skull Sessions airing on the WWE Network at the conclusion of the PPV. The official Twitter of the WWE Network showed a small clip from this weekend’s show, and it featured Stone Cold Steve Austin playing a rapid-fire word game with Goldberg.

Austin threw out the names of different people and Goldberg said the first word that came to him. Guys like Ric Flair, Diamond Dallas Page, Paul Heyman, and others, were named, and Goldberg had something kind and considerate to say about each of them.

When Austin named The Undertaker, though, Goldberg paused before issuing his threat.

“I owe him a receipt.”

That may never amount to another match, but it was interesting for fans to hear him throw it out. Goldberg and The Undertaker were not happy with how their first match went down, but will they get another chance to make it right?

Neither superstar has a full-time schedule in WWE, but special events aren’t out of the question. The promotion is returning to Saudi Arabia multiple times over the next decade for more events, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see Goldberg and The Undertaker get one more crack at each other.

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