AEW News: Cody Rhodes Reveals What He'd Do If He Bumped Into Triple H

Much has been made of the current rivalry between WWE and All Elite Wrestling. With NXT and Dynamite airing at the same time on Wednesday nights, both companies are trying to steal ratings from each other. At AEW's Double or Nothing pay-per-view earlier this year, Cody Rhodes smashed a throne with a sledgehammer, which was interpreted as an attack on Triple H, leading many fans to believe that he had heat with "The Game." However, according to Rhodes, that's not the case.

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, by the way of Sportskeeda, Rhodes revealed that he can empathize with Triple H because they do a similar job in their respective companies, and he even suggested that he'd be pleased to bump into his old colleague again.

"I can go ahead and say I think a lot of things got screwed up with me in WWE, but if I was to be in a room with Triple H in this moment… I would shake his hand. I'd probably even give him a hug out of everything that's happened. I learned a lot from him, and he's on the absolute opposite side of the fence in the same role I'm in with AEW and has much more experience with it."
As quoted by, Rhodes previously said that he referenced Triple H during his Double or Nothing because he believed that he was better than 99 percent of the superstars that "The Game" was putting over during his time in WWE. However, even back then, he assured fans that he doesn't harbor any ill will towards the WWE executive.
The incident also appeared to be a reaction to comments made by Triple H at the 2019 Hall of Fame ceremony, where he referred to AEW as a "p***ant company" during D-Generation X's induction. Both parties have taken multiple shots at each other since then, and Rhodes has been critical of WWE on episodes of Dynamite.

As The Inquisitr reported in September, Triple H has also discussed the company's alleged feud between AEW and WWE. "The Game" has been complimentary towards the competition's product so far, but he revealed that he's only interested in what NXT is doing.

There doesn't appear to be any genuine bad blood between the companies, and their negative exchanges have been petty at worst. The competition has also forced both shows to be consistently good, which has been exciting for wrestling fans. It will now be interesting to see if "The Game" responds to Rhodes' latest comments.