Kourtney Kardashian Pulls Funny Faces With Her Youngest Child On Reign Disick's Birthday

Kourtney Kardashian typically looks chic and sophisticated on social media, but Saturday's Instagram post was a fun exception. As she and her youngest child, Reign Disick, celebrated the little boy's birthday, the mother and son bonded by pulling a few funny faces for the camera.

With the newly-turned 5-year-old as her sidekick, Kourtney showed up in a Saturday update indicating the pair was having a blast.

In the first image in the set of four, the mother of three and her cute kid seemed to be reacting to the photographer (or Kourtney, if these photos were selfies) saying, "Give a surprised look."

Both Reign and Kourt opened their mouths wide, showing their teeth as they appeared to be astonished.

Then, in the second snap, the two seemed to be saying "Oh."

When the image was captured, their mouths had formed small holes and their eyes were intense. Reign seemed to really have the hang of the game because he even squinted as he did what he was probably told to do, causing his tiny nose to crinkle.

The third snap was a lot more subtle, and it was hard to tell what concept was considered for the photo. Reign looked as if he was yawning with his mouth wide open while Kourtney simply smiled in a knowing way. Her mouth was slightly open as she looked into the camera's lens.

The last photo in the pack of four was perhaps the most studied. As the camera snapped, mom and child seemed to be reacting to the common comment, "Uh oh."

Kourtney raised her eyebrows as she pursed her lips, causing her dimples to be revealed. Reign did the same, but his look was greatly exaggerated. As he took on this silly facial expression, the little guy caused his chin to double in a very cute way.

Kourtney's funny Instagram update was popular with her 84.2 million followers. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star -- who is Mom to 10-year-old Mason (who also celebrated his birthday on Saturday), 7-year-old Penelope, and Reign -- earned more than 424,000 likes and 1,300-plus comments from her fans within less than half an hour of going live on the platform.

Many used emoji -- including symbols for birthday cakes, champagne, red hearts, fire, and vibrating pink hearts -- to tell the reality star how they felt about her goofy post. Others expressed their thoughts in words.

"Ok stop way too cute," remarked supermodel Bella Hadid.

"Authentic fun," said another fan, who added a winking-face emoji.

"Happy birthday to the cutest tiny human," stated a third Instagram user, who added a black heart emoji.

"A beautiful Sagittarius," gushed a fourth admirer.