'General Hospital' Spoilers: Franco Wakes Up As Liz Prays That Her Husband Is Back

Elizabeth has been on pins and needles this past week on General Hospital waiting to see if the memory transfer actually worked on Franco. She still doesn't know if he will wake up still thinking that he is Drew Cain or if her husband will have his own memory back. Spoilers for the week of December 16 indicate that Franco will be opening his eyes, which will be the determining moment of truth for his family.

Liz and her three boys -- as well as Scott Baldwin -- have been waiting for months for Franco to come back to them after he took Cameron's place during the memory transfer. He has been walking around with Drew's memory ever since. This procedure that he just went through may or may not work. He has been unconscious ever since and Liz has been standing by him every step of the way waiting for him to wake up. Soap Central says that she is anxious to see if the procedure worked to get her husband back to her and the boys.

There were no guarantees that Franco will return. In fact, he may not wake up at all, but Liz has been hopeful. The recent print version of Soap Opera Digest confirmed that he does open his eyes and she will be thankful for that. However, it's unclear whether she will be happy with the results. There was no indication which way it will all go, but additional General Hospital spoilers tease that Franco will be devastated by something. Viewers will have to wait a few days before it will be revealed whether he will wake up with his own memory or with Drew's.

It could be that Franco thinks he is still Drew, which would be upsetting to him as the latter tried sacrificing himself for the former's family. On the other hand, there could also be something that upsets Franco if he gets his own memory back. Could it be that he gets word about the real Drew's supposed death?

Remember that Franco lost his memory while Drew was still in town. There were actually two Drews walking around Port Charles for a while. The real Franco has no idea that his BFF is presumed dead due to a plane crash. It would certainly be a big blow for him to learn the news.

Another person who is very interested to learn whose memories Franco will have is Peter. On Friday's episode of General Hospital, he was hanging around trying to get some information on him. Liz ended up filling him in and she once again thanked him for saving Franco and Andre's life. Of course, he was the one who hired someone to kill the two men, but he has instead become a Port Charles hero.

Fans will be waiting for next week's General Hospital to see if Franco's family will have their Christmas wish granted.