Hannah Brown Twins With Her Mom In Matching Onesies At Disneyland

Hannah Brown seems to go with the flow as far as wardrobe is concerned. She appears to be just as comfortable wearing formal wear as she does dressing down. On Friday, she chose the latter style as she twinned with her mom in matching onesies during a photoshoot that showed up as a three-picture pack posted on Instagram.

As seen on Hannah’s social media post, when the mother and daughter duo visited Disneyland, the pair dressed in super warm versions of kid’s pajamas. Theirs were endowed with hoodies, mouse ears, and fleece lining. The colorful prints on these happy-go-lucky sartorial statements included red, green, and white symbols of Christmas, including snowmen, candy cane hearts, decorated trees, and even Mickey Mouse lollipops. While wearing Mickey Mouse bulb necklaces, the two smiled widely for the camera as they stood in front of a Christmas tree decked out in lights. A number of wrapped presents and even a teddy bear could be seen under the tree.

In the second part of the update, a video captured Hannah and her mother as they danced with Minnie and Mickey Mouse. The beauty queen was still rocking her onesie while her mom had changed into a pair of shorts and a long black shirt. Hannah’s mom wore a red beanie with mouse ears made of puffballs as she partnered with Mickey before Hannah wished the two characters “happy holidays.”

A group hug was captured in the third photo of Hannah’s most recent social media post. She and her mom put their arms around the larger-than-life Disney characters they had been dancing with. Their joy was captured in the shot as all four parties seemed to be having tons of fun.

Throughout Hannah’s Disneyland update, she wore a full face of makeup, including enhanced brows, black mascara, black eyeliner, blush, foundation, and natural lipstick. Her mom followed suit, but her makeup was a bit more pronounced. Her pout was painted in darker lipstick and her blue eyes popped even more than her famous daughter’s did. Both members of the family gave such big smiles that their dimples were fully exposed.


Hannah’s twinning Instagram post was popular with her 2.5 million followers. The update received 124,000-plus likes and 380 comments within two hours of being posted.

“I was there with my little girls and really wanted to run into you! It was such a fun day!” stated one fan, regarding their trip to Disneyland.

“Hahaha this is really adorable Hannah,” said a second follower, who apparently enjoyed the fashion statements on both the mother and the daughter.

“She looks young enough to be your sister,” remarked a third admirer, who added a red heart emoji onto her comment about Hannah’s beautiful mom.

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